Who is National Settlement Solutions?

Founded by noted author Jason V. Simons, National Settlement Solutions is committed to working directly with creditors to provide relief from the monthly bills that keep most consumers from improving their quality of life. We have established relationships with thousands of creditors Nationwide and negotiate with these creditors to lower our client's payments, and get them out of debt as quickly as possible. By providing a Debt Settlement Program, we have created a solution that will give consumers relief from financial distress.

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Our Mission: Our mission is to provide consumers with a solution to becoming debt free, and educate clients in the benefits of debt settlement. We believe that a Debt Settlement Program should be the springboard towards financial independence.

Are you tired of:
  • Credit Card decline letters?
  • Not getting approved for car loans?
  • High interest rates?
  • Failing background screens due to credit?
  • Debt collectors calling "EVERYDAY"?
  • Not qualifying for your home loan?

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Individual results may vary and are based on ability to save funds and successful completion of all program terms. Program does not assume or pay any consumer debts, and will not provide tax or legal representation. Program is not available in all states. Please read and understand all program materials and disclosures before enrolling. Note: We are unable to service any residents of FL, GA, HI, ID, KS, ME, MS, NJ, OH, SC, VT, WI & WV at this time